El Paso County farm loses thousands in damages after blizzard

Video Greenhouse Farm Blizzard

PEYTON, Colo. - - Snow may be melting away from last Wednesday’s blizzard but the damages remain.

People all across Colorado are picking up the pieces, but Ahavah Farm in Peyton is looking at the storm as a learning lesson.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm lost six greenhouses, and damage costs could reach as high as $250,000. "It was all gone, Wednesday. Last Tuesday, we had this beautiful lettuce over here and spinach over there it was gorgeous. By "We got trashed,” said Yosef Camire, the owner of the renewable farm when recalling Wednesday's Blizzard. 

Farm had began operations in El Paso County five years ago. Ahavah grows tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and a number of other crops all year round using greenhouses. 

They faced off with mother nature. Back when he had a farm in Mississippi it was badly damaged during Hurricane Katrina. Then in 2016, Ahavah Farm was damaged in a record-breaking hail storm. 

The owner says he treats these storms as lessons and challenges. 

“You just learn from experiences you put on your boots, you move forward," said Camire. "Otherwise what are you going to do? Cry?”

Camire hopes to be fully operational by July, but he won't be facing this challenge alone. 
“They needed help so here we are,” said Mark Robinson, one of the many volunteers that came out to farm on Sunday to help out. 

“It’s not just about growing the food. It’s the connections everyone is making with each other in being a part of CSA," said Robinson. "This wasn’t just painful for them it was painful for their whole Ahavah farm community.”

“Without then we are gone," said Camire. "I know we have them on our side and I know they are all pulling together. It’s humbling.”

If you would like to lend a hand, and help the Ahavah community get back on its feet, you can do so here


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