Fountain Police slowing speeders with empty car on busy streets

WATCH Fountain police use creative tactic to deter speeding drivers

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - An old police tactic is seeing results in Fountain, Colorado. In recent weeks, police have staged their vehicles along busy roads, hoping to slow drivers down.

The most popular spot is along Mesa Ridge Parkway, heading West toward I-25.

Fountain resident, Wesley Halverson says, "you may not be doing anything wrong, but you're glancing down at your speedometer to make sure!"

What drivers don't know until they pass the car is that it's actually empty.

The cars are usually left a for a few days, so KRDO is asking, how well does it work? Do people who live here slow down after the initial sight of the car?

Another Fountain resident Steve Sawyer says, " I know when I'm driving, if I see police car I check to see if I'm speeding and then I'll slow down."

Other drivers say they caught on after a few days.

Concerned driver, Helen Cunningham says, "they should be inside. I think it's a little weird."

Lenin Tatos, who works in Fountain says "I see the game, I see the trap, you know what I mean?"

While many have caught on to the concept, it's still working.

Tatos says he's suspicious it won't always be empty.

"Give it a few days, someone is going to sit in there and catch everyone," he explains.

The Fountain Police Department was not available for comment on their speed enforcement crackdown.


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