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Friends search for missing rafter

Friends search for missing rafter

Dave Gambrell was just beginning his friendship with Eric Ashby when he disappeared after a rafting accident on June 28.  Now he's leading the search effort.
"Are they looking at this as a statistic? Or are they looking at this as a human person that we're trying to find," Gambrell said.

Ashby was traveling along rapids just a few miles away from the Royal Gorge when witnesses say his raft flipped.

The other people in the raft made it to shore, but Ashby did not. 

They did not report his disappearance until 10 days later. Something Gambrell says frustrates him the most.

"Four people were with him and four people know what happened that day and I wish those four people would tell the truth and just give us closure," Gambrell said.
The Fremont County Sheriff's Office says none of those people will be charged because they haven't found evidence of criminal activity.
We reached out to the Fremont County Sheriff spokesperson as well as the detective leading the case for an update on the investigation and have not yet heard back.

Wednesday Natitus not only knew Ashby, but she's also a psychic who says she can help.
"I'm not picking up any emotions. I'm not picking up any energetic things, which is very strange and challenging for me, considering I can usually pick up something," Natitus said.

But despite no leads and little information on what exactly happened, his friends will not give up.
"We want to fill in the blanks, that's why we're here. We want to fill in the blanks of the great Ashby and, you know, he's our treasure up here in these mountains. Eric is our treasure," Gambrell said.

They are planning on continuing the search all weekend. If you want to help, call Dave Gambrell at 480-758-1366.

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