Fundraiser breakfast in Colorado Springs aims to help homeless youth

Fundraiser breakfast in Colorado Springs aims to help homeless youth

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Urban Peak's annual Off the Street Breakfast Thursday morning is more than just getting a meal -- it's used to support homeless youth in getting off the street. 

Bright and early, people gathered under the Colorado Avenue bridge for an early breakfast. 

For nearly 20 years, this breakfast has brought people together to help raise money for Urban Peak Colorado Springs. Executive Director Shawna Kemppainen explains why this event is so important. 

"[There's] far too much homelessness still in our community, and we have to be about creating the programs and the relationships with people and of course the housing and the shelter that will make sure people will have the opportunity to get off the street," said Kemppainen.  

Last year, UPCS was able to raise nearly $200,000 from this event. This year, Director of Development Andy Petersen says they are hoping for more.

"We are hoping that we could get a couple hundred thousand out of this actually. So if not that, $300,000," Petersen said.

Sana Noor, who spoke at Thursday's event, is proof that Urban Peak works. With the help of UPCS, she has now joined the Air Force and says this fundraiser is extremely important for our youth.  

When they actually reached out to me and requested that I come down here I couldn't be happier, because they have helped me so much," Noor said.

And Noor isn't the only success story, 84 percent of the youth in this program obtained employment. 

Kemppainen said, "We've had 49 youth so far in 2019 get a job while they were staying with us in a shelter or housing."

And if you need help or would like to get connected with UPCS you can do so by going to their website, they are open 24/7. 

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