Gates at Garden of the Gods now locking up at closing time

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Gates are now starting to lock up at closing time at Garden of the Gods. 

Problems at the park have persisted after hours, like underage drinking and drugs.

Cars have also been racing through the park late at night. Kurt Schroeder, Park Maintenance and Operations Manager said there have been about 60 accidents in Garden of the Gods, after closing time, since last September. 

Most of the issues are centered at High Point Parking lot of Ridge Road, which is where the barriers are locking people out of first at the park's closing time. 

Two gates on Ridge Road closing off the High Point Parking lot were closed Friday night by a private security company that contracts with the city. 

They're two of 9 total gates that will help close down the park. 

Palmer Park has had gates to close down the park for about three to four years.

"That activity has basically cut off all the illegal actions to basically nothing," Schroeder said. "Saved us a lot of time, and I think it protects the park." 

He hopes the same thing will happen at Garden of the Gods. 

One gate still needs to be installed, once it's put in place later this month, the entire park will be locked up at closing time. 




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