Hacked construction sign warns Springs drivers of zombies

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse, but a construction sign on Dublin near Academy Boulevard might have had you believe that it was. 

If driving past the sign this weekend in north Colorado Springs, you might have noticed someone decided to have a little fun. A construction sign was hacked and changed from "Dublin Closed Ahead" to "Zombies Ahead."

However, this matter is being taken very seriously. The sign was contracted out by Colorado Springs Utilities, and Natalie Watts with CSU says these signs are nothing to joke about.

“This time, it was a pretty harmless prank that someone pulled on us pulling out the zombies. But we do take it seriously, and we are using it as an opportunity to work with our contractor to make sure that safety measures are in place and that it doesn’t happen again,” said Watts. 

But they are thankful that it wasn’t worse.

Watts said, “We got off a little easy this time. The messaging could have been far more extreme than what it was.”

The sign was returned to normal, and CSU hopes it will stay that way.

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