Jefferson County inmate posts Facebook live stream of himself online, investigation underway

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - A Facebook live video of an inmate broadcasting himself inside a Jefferson County jail cell from a smuggled smartphone is getting a lot of attention online. 

The video, posted on Thursday by inmate Joseph Chavez, shows him talking to the camera with another inmate. 

"You know I had to record this one time so that when I get out, I got this on my f****** Facebook. Yup, I did that," said Chavez into his phone camera during the nearly 1 and a half minute broadcast. 

According to CBS4, The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is conducting a criminal investigation for the video.

The jail has a strict policy when it comes to the usage of phones, of any kind, by inmates inside their cells. If an inmate is caught with a cell phone, they are considered to be contraband.  

Chavez can also be seen with a cigarette in his hand during the broadcasted video; these are also prohibited inside the jail. 

"I'll be back on the block in like 3 years, trap years, n****," said Chavez in the video.

The video has been shared more than a hundred times and been seen by more than 6-thousand people online. 

At one point in the Facebook live video, Chavez also asks for a person by the name "Sierra" to write him.

"Sierra, write me, you better write me....," said Chavez. 

CBS4 reports Chavez was brought to jail Thursday from the Colorado Department of Corrections where he is serving a prison sentence. They say Chavez was "strip searched" when he came in and police did not discover a cellphone. They believe he somehow smuggled the items into his cell.

Investigators are reviewing the internal surveillance videos inside the jail to determine how Chavez acquired both the phone and cigarettes, according to CBS4.

If the investigation leads to any criminal charges, Chavez could face additional theft and contraband charges that could lead to an extended jail sentence. 


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