Lineworkers gearing up for national competition in Colorado Springs

WATCH Lineworkers gearing up for...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It’s quite the site, 115 power poles fill the sky near the Garden of the Gods. They call it the Olympics of electric line workers.

Tyler Dimenza and his team have competed in seven rodeos together, but this will be the first one they gear up for in Colorado Springs. 

“It’s awesome, being here in front of your friends and family, at the rock ledge ranch with the awesome backdrop of pikes peak and garden of the gods, I mean you couldn’t have asked for a better location,” said Dimenza. 

With 400 scheduled competitors the event is shaping up to be the largest of its kind. And because of it, this will be extremely beneficial to Colorado Springs Brian Babcock, Electric Manager explains.

“the APPA says it will bring in over a million dollars of revenue for the local community. So we are happy to be able to do that and contribute in that way,” said Babcock. 

With numerous events and competitions being held, Dimenza says he’s competitive and wants to win. But, these events most importantly help them in their training.

“It helps us be more proficient and safer," said Dimenza. "It kind of builds the comradery for a crew and working with other guys. " 

The competition will take place on March 30th.

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