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Drivers claim Colorado license plate led to pot suspicion

License Plate Profiling

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado man is suing Idaho police and now more Colorado drivers are claiming law enforcement officers are profiling them because of their license plate.

It's apparently happening in states like Nevada, Idaho, Illinois and Missouri, all pointing to the recreational marijuana law.

 "Do we look like potheads?" asked David Adkins.

Adkins and his girlfriend Kay Harmon traveled to California in this white Chevy Avalanche in January. 20 minutes outside Las Vegas, he says a state trooper pulled them over.

"I couldn't believe it," he said.

They say an undercover Nevada State trooper was behind them following a different driver who was speeding when the trooper quickly got behind them and turned on his lights.

"There was no reason for him to pull us over. Why did he pull us over? Only because we had a Colorado license plate and he stuck his head in there and started sniffing as soon as he came up to the car," said Adkins.

It was January 26, less than a month after Colorado's recreational marijuana shops legally started selling pot.

"He asked me if I was tired and I said no, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon," said Adkins.

Adkins says the trooper claimed he was swerving. He says he only swerved because he was watching the trooper in his rear view mirror.

"Didn't ask for license, registration, nothing," said Harmon.

"He just pulled us over because just to check to see if we had pot," said Adkins.

They're not the only ones talking about license plate profiling KRDO NewsChannel13's Facebook page comments on Sunday include, "Got pulled over in Illinois for having Colorado plates. They searched my truck and trailer." Betsi wrote, "Yes at Rolla, Missouri. And not only do the cops pull you over, every pot head around asks us to sell to them when they see your plates."

"I thought it was strange and violated just because we were from Colorado we got pulled over," said Adkins.

Nevada State Patrol says a trooper must have probable cause to pull someone over. Swerving is considered probable cause. He says he highly doubts troopers would risk their job just because they see a Colorado plate.

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