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Nurse nurses patients to health through music

Singing nurse serenades cancer patients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - She's paid to nurse cancer patients back to health; her task, to see those facing a difficult diagnosis through chemotherapy. 

But Charee Martin does so much more than that.  The certified nursing assistant heals the heart through her musical talent.

Martin, who's worked at Memorial Hospital for a couple of years, sings to her patients.

"Being here, you need all the uplifting you can get, and Charee's the one to do it.  It's really a blessing that we came to this hospital," says Pat Curran, a cancer patient.

Fellow patient, Brenda Castillo, agrees.

"I was scared.  I was freaking out already to begin with. She soothed me, ‘cause I was so scared," says Castillo.

Martin is no stranger to performing; she started singing as a child and sung professionally in Japan for 18 years.  Now, she performs medleys for her patients, or songs by request.

"It's a gift from God.  God gave that to me, so I have to share," says Martin.  


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