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Russian immigrants face charges for Pueblo West marijuana grow

Man, woman accused of growing more than legal limit

Russian Immigrants Face Charges for Pueblo West Pot Bust

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says that two Russian immigrants who recently moved to Pueblo West from New York are facing charges after an illegal marijuana grow was found in a Pueblo West home.

"It worries me," said Beverly Bauer, a neighbor.  "I hate to see it.  It's dope, no matter what.  I hate to see that."

Olga Berina, 25, and Evegnly Groshikov, 43, each face charges of illegal cultivation of marijuana.

The sheriff's office says that deputies found 79 marijuana plants in a home that they were renting in the 1500 block of W. Tejon Avenue. Deputies estimate the marijuana is worth between $67,000 and $268,000 depending on where they are sold.

The pair have not been arrested, but the case has been referred to the district attorney's office for the filing of charges.

The sheriff's office says that the plants were found after deputies received a tip about a possible illegal grow. Berina told investigators that they were growing the marijuana for personal use because Gorshikov suffers from neck and back pain. Neither person could provide the required paperwork for a medical marijuana grow.

The electrical system in the rental home had been altered so much, a Pueblo Regional Building inspector deemed it a hazard and determined the home unsafe to occupy.

This marks the eighth illegal marijuana grow found in Pueblo County involving people from out of state since March 30, the sheriff's office said.

Sheriff's Deputies said they believe Berina and Groshikov were growing marijuana plants here with the intent of transporting them to New York for sale.

"You just don't know how good or bad these people are," said Barbara Sanford, a neighbor.  "Are they just looking to make money, or are they really gangster types?"

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