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UPDATE: First tenant for Trinidad marijuana mini mall approved

Developers plan world's first marijuana mini mall for Trinid

TRINIDAD, Colo. - UPDATE 4/19/16: The first tenant of what is being called the world's first marijuana mini mall has been approved by Trinidad city council.

Council approved a local license for Tri-Cannabis, a retail marijuana store that will be one of five inside the mini mall.

Owners said the store should be open in May.

Council also approve a marijuana license moratorium Tuesday night. Only 20 licenses will be given out, five of them in the marijuana mini mall.


A group of developers have selected Trinidad as the site for their green dream, the world's first marijuana mini mall.

Developers Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins said Trinidad's laws and tourism make it a friendly place for their newest venture. 

"This town has a zero-foot setback, which allows us to put five dispensaries here right next to one another. As far as we know, we are the only town in Colorado that we can do this in," said Elkins.

The group recently purchased a building on Commercial Street in downtown Trinidad. The developers have received permits from the city and are waiting on final approval from the City Council.

Initially, Elkins said the plan was to put as many as 17 stores within the building. However, the city will only allow five inside so the developers plan to lease the space to five different dispensaries. Elkins also said they planned to open up the inside of the building, but now customers will enter and exist the stores from the sidewalk, like a strip mall.

"I think it's shock. This one isn't something that's been done before," said Elkins.

There are empty stores along Commercial Street and scattered throughout downtown Trinidad. Elkins said creating a pot mall will have a ripple effect, generating more business, tax revenue and jobs for the city.

"I know what the industry can do for the town and I know the tourist traffic supports it so I think it will do great things," said Elkins.

Some residents are open to the idea, while others are concerned it could attract more transients.

"I think it would be a lot of business. It would bring more money into the town," said Cierra Duran.

"I think that's interesting. I am excited to see it open. We have a lot of pot stores already and there is a lot of benefits," said Mechelle Duran.

"To be honest, I don't have any problem with marijuana or marijuana users but I do know we have had a lot more problems with theft. I know Walmart is having problems. And transients, that's become a huge problem," said Tamara Johnson.

Elkins said so far four of the five spaces have been leased to marijuana businesses. It will ultimately be up to City Council. If approved, Elkins hopes doors will open in April.

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