More documents released in connection to Patrick Frazee's arrest

Suspect in Woodland Park Murder of Kelsey Berreth

More documents released in connection to Patrick Frazees arrest

On Wednesday, a Teller County judge released 44 documents filed in connection with the investigation into Kelsey Berreth's disappearance and suspected murder in Woodland Park.   

The judge had earlier decided that the public and media would get to see the search warrants in the Patrick Frazee criminal investigation.

Last month, the probable cause affidavit was released and a hearing provided much of the details about Frazee's arrest and the alleged plot to murder Berreth. (Click here to read the affidavit.)

The documents release specifics regarding the search of Patrick Frazee's Florissant property.  There are also documents related to searches of cell phone provider records and social media accounts. 

The search warrants and supporting documentation submitted to the court by investigators show how Kelsey was last seen at the Safeway in Woodland Park November 22. According to cell phone records, investigators believe Patrick Frazee went to Berreth's townhome, took their child with him to Ent Credit Union. 

Surveillance video then shows Frazee inside the baby aisle in Walmart. Investigators believe it's after he's seen there, that Frazee went back to Berreth's townhome to murder her. 

Initial discoveries include the information that at a time when surveillance cameras captured the suspect Patrick Frazee re-entering Berreth's townhome, records show he was also making cell phone calls to phones belonging to his mother, Sheila, and Krystal (Kenney) Lee, an Idaho woman who took a plea deal in the case to testify against him. 

In one search warrant, officers describe their conclusion that the cell phone communications revealed a scheme intended to attempt concealing Berreth's disappearance as long as possible. 

For days after Kelsey's believed death, text messages continue between Frazee and Kelsey's phones. 

Investigators found the texts between the pair were sent and received off the same cell tower near Frazee's ranch. 

Investigators think at that point, Lee is taking Kelsey's phone slowly to Idaho, telling investigators Frazee told her to do so, and text him from Kelsey's phone. 

The texts end Sunday when a message is sent from Kelsey's phone to Frazee reading, "Do you even love me?"

Documents show Frazee replied saying, "Why would I bend over backwards and stand behind you thru everything if I didn't'? So to answer your question yes I do"

It's weeks later when investigators search the Frazee ranch, documents show among the items investigators seize are a floral fitted sheet with possible blood and a total of five teeth. 

KRDO had filed a court motion on Feb. 8 to unseal those public documents. 

The judge also rescheduled Frazee's criminal arraignment for April 5, that's when Frazee will enter a plea and get a trial date. 

Click here to read the newly released documents.

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