Murder trial for Donthe Lucas reset to January 2020

PUEBLO, Colo. - - Donthe Lucas' murder trial for the alleged killing of his pregnant girlfriend has been reset to January 2020, further dragging out the case in Pueblo County.

Lucas is charged with first-degree murder after his 21-year-old girlfriend, Kelsie Schelling, disappeared back in 2013.

During a motions hearing on Thursday, the trial's tentative start date was moved to Jan. 14, 2020. It was previously set to start on July 30.

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Donthe Lucas was back in a Pueblo courtroom Thursday for the alleged murder of his pregnant girlfriend, 21-year old Kelsie Schelling.

Schelling disappeared back in 2013, after traveling from Denver to Pueblo to visit Lucas. 

Lucas may have been back in the courtroom, however, the judge, prosecution, and defense were in agreement that they didn’t want the public or press inside Thursday.  

According to Lucas' defense, the press was not allowed inside because certain evidence or testimony presented Thursday would not be allowed at trial. The judge didn't want to taint a jury pool with evidence not relevant to the trial.

Thursday was the first of two days of motions hearings as both the defense and prosecution presented evidence and asked the judge for certain evidence to be suppressed before going to trial.

The prosecution called a number of witnesses to the stand to discuss Kelsey Schelling’s character. Multiple witnesses appeared emotional after walking out of the courtroom. 

"Those were Kelsie's friends," said Laura Saxton, Schelling's mother. "For me to see their pain just makes me mad because it isn't just me that is devastated. It is the rest of my family and Kelsie's friends. Their lives will never be quite normal."

The Defense plans to argue that the judge shouldn’t allow evidence indicating that Lucas may have moved Schelling's vehicle twice after her disappearance.

It is unclear when media and the public will be allowed back inside the courtroom for motions hearings Friday morning. 

The trial is still tentatively set for a July 30 start date. 

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