New mural brings change to Colorado Springs skyline

New Downtown Colorado Springs mural starts to take shape

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Big changes are coming to Colorado Springs' skyline: a new mural atop an old roof.

It's a story KRDO first brought you in August 2018, when property owner Chuck Murphy said the previous mural needed to redone or taken down. The old mural recognized the Springs as the home of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The building sits across I-25 between Bijou and Colorado Avenue. Kim Polomka, a local artist originally from Australia, painted the original mural in 2011.

Polomka scales the building, using one hand to paint, and the other to hold his rappel rope.

"Things can go wrong, but everything is pretty good," he explains and continuing to say, "it's a bit of challenge, the surface is corrugated and it's uneven. It's compromised, it has vents."

Both Murphy and Polomka agreed the mural would stay up for one year, but after the popularity it received, they didn't take it down.

It is easiest seen when driving along Interstate 25, but over the last few years had become an eyesore after the roof started falling apart.

Now, Polomka and Murphy have teamed up with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Colorado Springs Airport for the theme. The new mural is slowly coming together, featuring two hippos and a few penguins.

Polomka uses a grid to map out the painting, dividing each section into a grid, before putting it on the roof.

He explains, "I'm going from about one inch to four foot so you're working on something and you don't even know what it is."

The zoo hopes the mural gets passersby interested in their new water exhibit coming at the end of the year.

Rachel Wright Public Relations and Social Media Manager for the zoo says, "we thought how often do you get to drive down and see hippos and penguins so it's been really good.

The piece should take most of the summer to complete, just in time for a new exhibit at the zoo to start as well.

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