North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo closed from windstorm damage

WATCH: North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo closed from windstorm damage

Park rangers say the North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo State Park is dangerous and off-limits until further notice after Saturday night's high winds damaged the area.

The marina was evacuated last night after high winds destroyed the main dock and damaged some boats. People who were at the lake at the time say the waves ranged from 5 to 10 feet. "There was a boat under the dock... to say the least, it was pretty scary," said Maddie Nelson, a young woman who was swimming by the dock. "It started out with just a little bit of lightning, thunder," she said. Then "[the waves] started getting really big... a boat next to us was like about to crash onto us."

Rangers say they believe less than 20 boats were damaged in the storm. Monique Mullis from Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the North Shore Marina is in bad shape: "Right now there's no water, sewer or electric to it." Mullis says they're doing their best to reunite people with their boats, while minding their safety. "We're having to ferry people into the marina, if they are boat owners only, to either remove their boats from the marina or to check on them," said Mullis.

Those seeking information about their boats docked at the North Shore Marina are asked to call 719-251-3949. For the most up to date information on the status of the marina, click

The South Marina will still be open during its usual hours.

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