Old Colorado City Man scares off would-be burglar twice in one day

WATCH: Old Colorado City Man scares off would-be burglar twice in one day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man sent KRDO video of someone trying to break into his Old Colorado City home on Colorado Ave. twice in just one day.

Rick Boccardi, who lives in an apartment at 1604 Colorado Avenue, says he was sitting on his front porch drinking coffee when a man tried to come through his gate. "He petted my dog. Then, he walked up to the next house, then he walked back. And then he went in to open the gate, which led me to believe he was trying to see if my dog was aggressive or not," Boccardi said. He says he ran the man off.

Then, 20 minutes later, Boccardi says he was in the shower when he heard the man open his backdoor. He said it was a quite a frightening situation: "Naked and afraid in my own home!" Boccardi says he scared the guy away again before he was able to steal anything.

While Boccardi was able to handle the problem alone, he says his neighbors may not have been so lucky: "I've got a 70-year-old neighbor and I've got a disabled man that lives behind me, and what if he would have went into their house? And, what if he had gotten aggressive with them and hurt them."

Boccardi notified police, but it's unclear if the suspect has been identified.

Anyone who recognizes the man in this video should contact Colorado Springs Police.

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