Parkview CEO responds to layoffs at St. Mary Corwin in Pueblo

Parkview CEO responds to layoffs at...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Following St. Mary Corwin announcing layoffs and cutbacks at the Pueblo Hospital last week, Parkview Medical Center's President and CEO is now addressing the situation for the first time. 

Last Thursday it was announced nearly 300 St. Mary Corwin staffers would be without a job in 60 days and two-thirds of the bed space will go away. 

"We can't continue to be all things to the community," Mike Cafasso, CEO of St. Mary Corwin said.

Mike Baxter, Parkview Medical Center's President and CEO called the layoffs disappointing adding he's concerned for what this means for Pueblo. 

"It's not about competition at that point, it's about what's going to happen to our community," Baxter said. 

In Thursday's press conference Cafasso said the reason for the layoffs is funding. 

"This is strictly been the state of healthcare and the conditions that we're all living in," Cafasso said. 

While Baxter understands, he said it's workable. 

"As we work through the things, we have to take every one of those challenges. Is it a tough market? Yes. Do we work hard to make it work? Yes," Baxter said. 

As to where Pueblo and the medical community goes from here, Baxter said Parkview and its board is looking at long-term solutions. 

"We'll get this figured out," Baxter said. "This is a big, complex deal and it's going to take a little time." 

Baxter added he hopes to add some of the workers laid off to his own staff as there are some roles needing to be filled in Parkview's departments. 


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