Cardinal speaks to KRDO NewsChannel 13 on latest Clinton emails

Cardinal speaks to KRDO NewsChannel 13 on Clinton Emails

One of the nation's prominent Catholic cardinals says Hillary Clinton needs to distance herself from her campaign's top advisors after they disparaged the faith in leaked emails.

KRDO NewsChannel 13’s Heather Skold had the chance to speak with Cardinal Timothy Dolan as he spoke at the "Respect Life Dinner."

"WikiLeaks" released another round of emails in which Clinton campaign leaders made fun of the faith.

"Extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics… If it had been said about the Jewish community, the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks, which hasn't happened yet,” said Cardinal Dolan. “I'm hoping that she's going to distance herself from these remarks by her chief of staff."

Cardinal Dolan stopped short of endorsing a candidate for president, instead saying that he expects people to be "acquainted with the issues."

He trusts people to be guided by their moral convictions.

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