KRDO BREAKDOWN: Top ballot issues in El Paso County

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - El Paso County-1A

-This ballot issue will help fund the I-25 Corridor Gap of up to $12 million, disaster recovery projects, and improvement/maintenance to parks, trails, and open space projects. This will be done using excess 2016 revenue as a voter-approved revenue change pursuant to Tabor. There will not be an additional tax or a rise in tax rates. 

City of Colorado Springs-2A

-If passed, there will be a collection of stormwater service fees beginning July 1, 2018, and ending July 1, 2038. It will be $5 per dwelling unit/month on a residential property and $30 per acre/month for a non-residential property. The money will go towards construction, improvement, operation, and maintenance of public stormwater facilities and a public stormwater system in the city. 

City of Manitou Springs Mayor

-Nicole Nicolletta

-Ken Jaray

City of Manitou Springs- 2B

- This ballot issue would approve funding for a new training and emergency operations center which will be used by police and firefighters. If passed, Manitou Springs would increase its debt to $3.9 million with a repayment cost of up to $7 million. City taxes would rise to $400,000 annually to pay off that debt. 

City of Manitou Springs- 2C

-If approved, 2C would allow the City of Manitou Springs to have the legal right to provide high-speed internet services, telecommunications services, and cable television services to residents, schools, businesses, libraries, nonprofits, and other users. 

Cheyenne Mountain School District 12-3D

-3D will allow the District to collect the property tax revenues permitted by C.R.S. 22-54-108 as previously approved by district voters in 2011 notwithstanding any mill levy limitation. 

Colorado Springs School District 11-3E

-3E would increase taxes to $42 million annually to go towards maintenance of facilities, the addition of a resource officer at every middle school in the district, and additional counseling resources within the district. 

Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District-5A

-Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District taxes would increase taxes $2,900,000 annually in the first fiscal year unless an ad valorem property tax increase of 6.9 mils is imposed. This would go towards fire protection, emergency response equipment, and hiring more paramedics. 

Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority-5B

-If approved, it would allow more funding to go towards CDOT I-25 roadway improvements including Highway 105 to County Line Road. This would not increases taxes. The money will come from the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Sales and Use Tax. 

Green Mountain Falls-Chipita Park Fire Protection District 4A

-If 4A is approved, tax rates would not increase and there would be no imposing on any new tax. The Green Mountian Falls-Chipita Park Fire Protection District would be permitted to collect, retain and spend all revenue it receives in grants from the state of Colorado or any source in the current 2017 fiscal year and any year after. The issue would be a voter-approved revenue change and an exception to any spending, revenue-raising or other limitation the constitution or laws of the state of Colorado.

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