Poll: Hickenlooper would have big lead in Democratic Senate primary

Poll Hickenlooper would have big lead...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - All eyes are on former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper as his race to the White House continues, but a new poll says he might have a better chance at a run for the Legislative Branch.

Back in July, we told you he was having a hard time keeping his advisors and even getting enough money from donors.

Political science professor Ken Bickers with CU Boulder told us then the best thing for Hickenlooper is to drop out of the race to save his political career. "At some point, the jig is up," Bickers says, "you just have to step out if you are not going to be viable."

A month later, his odds haven't necessarily gotten any better.

But according to a new poll, if Hickenlooper runs for U.S. Senate, he will immediately have a large lead over current Democratic front-runners.

Several Democrats are running for the chance to face Gardner, but despite being pressured, Hickenlooper has rejected calls to switch to the Senate race.

Josh Dunn, a political science professor with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, says despite Hickenlooper's dismissal, it would be a good idea.

"That's a race he could win if he were to jump into it," Dunn says.

While Bickers says, "I think he would be the most formidable candidate that Gardner would go up against." 

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