Pueblo mayoral candidates draw for key to the city

VIDEO Pueblo Mayor Ballot Drawing

PUEBLO, Colo. - Lady Luck was present for some Pueblo Mayoral candidates at City Hall Thursday morning as candidates drew numbers to determine where they will be listed on the November ballot.

As of last week, sixteen people have qualified to be on the November ballot to become the first ever mayor of Pueblo. However, when you are one candidate of sixteen, something like the placement on the ballot can have an impact on your chances of getting elected. 

However, Thursday's number pulling was unique. Candidates first pulled numbers from a coffee mug and that determined the order of the next drawing. For the final drawing, candidates picked keys from a red box with a Pueblo Chieftain article attached. The article was about the final sixteen candidates being confirmed to run for Mayor. 

Each key had a number attached to them. The Pueblo City Clerk's office, who administered the whole number drawing process, says the keys symbolize being handed the keys to the city. 

“It's just kind of different," said Cindy Capritta, an employee at the Pueblo City Clerk's Office. "Kind of keeps things interesting. Here’s your start and what could be the key to the city.”

Fourteen of the sixteen candidates were present at city hall this morning to pull keys from the box. 

Former teacher Larry Fancher had the hottest hand of all the candidates, drawing the number one key. 

“It’s all a part of my luck, you can call me lucky Larry,” said Fancher. 

Former Pueblo City Council President Steve Nawrocki was one of the candidates at the bottom of the list.

“I consider myself to be lucky fifteen," Nawrocki said with a laugh. "If you can’t be at the top, you might as well be at the bottom.”

His luck might have gone cold Thursday morning, but that won’t derail what he’s doing.

“I think I have an established name in the community already and I have a proven track record," said Nawrocki "I’ll continue to do my campaigning. I’m not worried where I’ll be placed on the ballot.”

Thursday night, city council will approve the ballot order, and pass it along to the county clerks office.

Here is the order of the candidates as they will appear on the November ballot:

  • Larry Fancher
  • Lori Winner
  • Larry Atencio
  • Chris Nicoll
  • Nick Gradisar
  • Thomas Croshal
  • Jody Voss
  • Z. Marie Martinez
  • Ted Lopez
  • Alexander Lucero-Mugatu
  • Janet Wilson
  • Gary Lee Clark
  • Charlotte Perez
  • Randy Thurston
  • Steve Nawrocki
  • Dennis Flores

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