Pueblo Senator Leroy Garcia hits campaign trail against recall effort

Video Leroy Garcia hits campaign trail against recall effort

PUEBLO, Colo. - Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia of Pueblo, much like Gov. Jared Polis, is facing a recall effort.

Garcia was back in the Steel City Monday and over the weekend knocking on doors to combat the recall.

Organizers for Garcia's recall group need 13,505 signatures in District 3, which is the Pueblo and Pueblo West area, to trigger a recall.

"Overwhelmingly, we are hearing from people that this ridiculous," said Garcia Monday while knocking on doors on Pueblo's south side. 

Garcia had supporters joining him while he went door to door over the weekend. Some of those supporters even made cold calls to voters in District 3. 

Garcia says he's knocking on every door he can.

"That's how I won with such a big win margin last year with over 74% of the vote," said Garcia. "I want to make sure I'm talking to Democrats, Republicans, unaffiliated, everyone."

Polis may have the more noteworthy recall effort against him in Colorado. However, people in Pueblo say they aren't surprised by another recall effort.

"Unfortunately it's pretty standard procedure nowadays," said Pueblo resident Jennifer Coen. "I'm not that surprised for the recall effort cause it seems as though any time there are massive changes, people want to recall those who implement those changes."

Organizers of the recall effort say Garcia is out of step with voters in Pueblo County, and no longer represents voters in his own district. 

Garcia believes the group organizing the recall efforts are extreme and are setting a bad precedent. 

"What concerns me is we are starting to see a trend here in Colorado that if people don't like an election result, the first thing they do is say 'Let's just recall that elected official,'" said Garcia.

Garcia says voters in Pueblo county would have to pay $250,000 to $275,000 of taxpayer dollars for another election.

The group looking to recall Garcia hopes to have locations set up around the county starting sometime next week.

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