A preview of the Bell Game

Preview of the Bell Game

For the first time in recent memory, Central and Centennial face off as league foes, adding playoff implications to an already heated rivalry, "Yea it definitely adds something, these kids have been playing each other since 4th grade so week 8 in October, it's big time it's going to be fun," says Central head coach, Kris Cotterman, "It'll be big if we make the playoffs, haven't made it once in all 4 years of high school so that would be pretty special," says Nico Martin.

In the last fourteen years, the bell rang blue just four times but the Wildcats are leaning on family to turn the tide in 2018, "Central is almost just like our family, and I feel like if you're not representing Central well you're not representing your family well," says Aureious Drew.

The Bulldogs are hoping to not get up in their feelings,"Pshh there's a feeling that gets in your stomach and everything's twisted and you can't. It's just. You look at both sides and it's crazy," says Buddie Niccoli.

When the final whistle blows, no matter who wins the game, it's always a mad scramble for that bell,

"I've been the first to get it the past few years, last year I didn't get to ring it because I got hurt. You're trying to figure out what's the fastest route to the bell once the cheerleaders get it. Once they get to the 50 yard-line it's the fastest route to the bell you can get there," says Cayman Garduno.




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