Puebloan ready to become first ever Slopper Eating World Champion

Video Puebloan aims to win first ever Slopper eating championship

PUEBLO, Colo. - - One of Southern Colorado's finest delicacies will be taking center stage this weekend at the Colorado State Fair.

The first-ever World Slopper Eating Championship will take place Saturday at the fairgrounds in Pueblo.

More than a dozen professional eaters will be competing on center stage inside PB&T Pavilion. The athletes will have eight minutes to down as many Sloppers as they can, made by Giodone's Italian Bar and Grill.

The 2019 World Slopper Eating Championship is run by MLE, or Major League Eating. The MLE is known for the Nathan's hot dog eating contest every Fourth of July.

Some heavy hitters are coming out to eat on Saturday, including Darron Breeden, who placed second at Nathan's this year.

But Puebloans aren't going to give up the crown so easily.

Jody Howell is one of two Puebloans competing in tomorrow's world championship.

Howell posts up at 6'2 310 pounds. His stage name is SmokeDog the Slopper Slurper. During competitions, and normally, he prefers Mountain Dew over water.

"I'm a big enough guy I can handle my own," said Howell. "I have never gone up against any professionals, but I'm always up for a new challenge, and represent the home town of Pueblo for the first contest."

Howell has eaten and won amateur eating contests before. He believes his familiarity with this Pueblo delicacy will give him an edge.

"You don't have to eat the chile, just what's on the burger," said Howell. "I figured if I can just get away with one big scoop, put it in [my mouth], take a wash of my Mountain Dew. I'll be good."

Howell believes he can eat around 20 Sloppers in eight minutes. He's been practicing with Big Macs.

If you are interested in seeing the show. The competition will take place on the fairgrounds inside the PB&T Pavilion at 3 p.m. Saturday. We'll also livestream the event on

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