Registering your surveillance camera can help police catch crooks


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Eight months ago, the El Paso Sheriff's Office asked local individuals, businesses, and community groups to register their cameras with its new Community Video Surveillance program with the goal that it would help them catch more crooks on the loose.

Wednesday, we went around downtown Colorado Springs to ask locals what they thought about registering their surveillance equipment with law enforcement, and opinions varied.

“I would, I don’t see the issue,” said Nancy Cane.

“Yes, we would,” said Don Craig.

“That's a bit intrusive! I wouldn't want to do it,” said John Jeffries.

“I think it's a good idea because it helps them keep an eye out,” said a Colorado Springs resident who asked to not be identified.

While the popular answer was "yes," currently there are 83 property owners registered, according to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

EPCSO says that number could be higher.

“It's a very helpful tool in our investigative process,” said Jacqueline Kirby.

Since the launch of the program, about 10 people have been signing up per month.

Some said they were concerned over privacy issues by sharing video from their security cameras, while others said they hadn't heard of the program.

“If someone ever breaks in you're always going to call the police and they're going to look at it anyway,” said Devon Barker.

“Cops knowing everything you're doing, who wants that?" said Jeffries.

The sheriff's office said they'd only make video requests if a crime occurred near the registered address.

“It be entered into evidence, we would give it to our crime analyst and then we would put out what's called a BOLO -- 'be on the lookout for' -- to other law enforcement agencies,” said Kirby.

“Facebook probably gives up more privacy than doing something through the police department,” said Nancy Cane.

The Community Video Program works on a voluntary basis, and the sheriff's office encourages those who find themselves reluctant to think of it as a partnership and not an invasion of privacy.

To register your surveillance camera click here.

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