Remember to follow posted speed limits signs, especially in school zones

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MONUMENT, Colo. - As of Monday, it was back to school for District 38! Every year, we remind our viewers the importance of taking it slow in school zones and this year is no different.

When driving through a school zone, it's important to obey the posted speed limit especially when the lights are flashing.

Sgt. Porter of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office stresses that this is a serious situation. Just last week, the Sheriff's Office caught three cars in a row going well over the posted speed limit.

"Just East of Lewis-Palmer High School in a 35 mile an hour zone we found three vehicles all following too close to one another driving at more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit," said Porter. "So, not only were they driving carelessly, they were exceeding the posted speed limit in the area of a school."

If caught speeding in a school zone the fine will double. If you're going 10-19 miles per hour over the speed limit you would pay as much as a $333 fine. 

Porter explains that driving the posted speed limit is essential for the safety of children in school zones.

"For every mile an hour we are going it increases our stopping distance and those feet we are traveling per second. So, you can imagine the something as simple as 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit doesn't seem like much, but that's a dramatic increase in our stopping distance and ability to react."

The number one rule to remember with school zones is that you must be aware of them: Do not be a distracted driver.

"There is no safe speed to catch a text message, there is no safe speed to catch your update on Facebook," says Porter. "All of those issues may be important and if they are important they should be important enough to pull over and hands so you're not driving through the school zone."

When dropping off their kids, parents are grateful for District 38's enforced traffic control. 

"We're pretty fortunate to have Woodmoor Public Safety here to kind of run the intersection and the crosswalks," said J.T. Peterson, a parent with a child in District 38.

Jennifer Bridges, another parent, added, "We need those. I mean it's backed up both ways and the school has started."

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