RVs stay on the move around Colorado Springs despite ordinance

RVs continue to stay on the move around Colorado Springs despite ordinance

COLORADO SRPINGS, Colo. - In March, Colorado Springs city council voted to make recreational vehicle parking on all city streets illegal. But it seems the ordinance pushed many RVs into parking lots, and now people are complaining.

For the past five years, Earl Benton has called his RV home.

"I got a place to cook and I keep my trash in here," he says as he gives us a tour of the inside.

Although everything he owns is inside, the RV itself has moved from location to location.

"Well I was over by Chadburn, but they ran us off over there, so they told us we had to leave. I was over on Moreno for a while, for several months," he said.

It's that moving around that has now led him to a parking lot off of 8th Street.

Though it doesn't come without consequences. Benton says police have already stopped by his home with a warning: he must leave by Wednesday.

"I'm having mechanical problems. I just put a new carburetor on there. I was planning on being out by noon but it's not working out like that. I'd like to be out by tomorrow morning," Benton said.

He isn't the only one in a similar living situation.

"I was born in Michigan raised in Texas and from the age of 21 I've been here, there, a little bit of everywhere," said Michael Scheaffer, a temporary neighbor.

Scheaffer says since being in Colorado Springs, he's parked his RV in several spots around the city but always seems to get kicked out.

"They want us gone and out of sight and there's only one way to put it and that's how it is. When they don't want you here they will place all the laws necessary to make sure you're not here," he said.

Scheaffer is now helping his friend get his RV fixed, so they can move on to the next spot, the parking lot at Ecumenical Social Ministries off of Weber and Bijou Streets.

But they say they'll have to stay on the move to make sure they obey the law.

Parking lots are considered private property, so it's up to the property owner to enforce the rules.

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