Super worm equinox moon: What does it mean?

WATCH Super worm equinox moon explained

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - For the first time in 19 years, the moon over Colorado Springs will be a super worm equinox moon. 

Don't know what that means? We looked into it. 

Video in the early morning hours showed what's to come Wednesday evening. 

Colleen Parith with the Space Foundation said the best time to watch is "right at dusk when the moon rise starts to happen, that's when you're going to want to look to the sky and that's when it's going to look its biggest."

To be exact the moon will be 14 percent bigger. It's called a 'moon elusion.' There's no real reason why that happens but it's likely because people compare the size of the moon to things along the horizon.

It's a supermoon because the moon is closest to earth in its orbit. But what's the deal with the worm?

"The worm moon is always the March full moon and that's because it's springtime. The earth is getting softer and the earthworms are starting to show out in the ground," Parith said. 

This being the third supermoon of the year, why is everyone getting so worked up?

That's because we won't see a super worm equinox moon until March 2030.

Parith said the best way to view the supermoon is to get up in the mountains away from the bright city lights. 

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