Support animal returns to Pueblo family after nearly 2 weeks

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PUEBLO, Colo.- - UPDATE: A Pueblo family desperately seeking its support animal got great news Thursday.

Daisy the boxer ran out of the Padilla family's car last weekend, and Marlena Padilla's brother-in-law, Justin Horton, was devastated. Horton has down syndrome, and Daisy had always been by her side.

Thursday, Pueblo police reported that Daisy was found and is back home safe, presumably right by Horton's side again.

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A Pueblo family is asking for the public’s help after their support dog ran away over the weekend.

Daisy is a boxer and ran out of their car early Sunday morning. Since her disappearance, Daisy has left a big hole in the family. 

“Daisy is a support animal for my brother in law who has down syndrome,” said Marlena Padilla.

Since Padilla and her husband brought the boxer home last year, Daisy has always been at her brother-in-law, Justin Horton's side. Horton not only has down syndrome, but his family says he was abused at an early age.

“Any time Justin is around in the living room watching TV, she sits on him and cuddles with him," said Padilla. "They are like best friends, they are partners in crime, those two.”

Around midnight Sunday, Daisy jumped out of the family car and ran off down the road from their home. She was then hit by a passing car and continued off.

After Daisy ran off, Padilla and her family continued searching for her in the middle of the night on Pueblo’s east side. They came to the intersection of Glendale Avenue and 4th Street and ran into two police officers and asked for help. However, when the sun came up, they came home empty-handed.

“After we got home from looking for her, [Justin] looked at me and goes ‘Daisy?’, and I told him we haven’t found her. He’s been sad ever since,” said Padilla. 

Since then, family says Horton has been depressed and has had trouble eating. More than 48 hours later, Daisy remains lost.

The family will give a reward for any information on Daisy’s whereabouts. If you come across the boxer you are encouraged to call Pueblo police or animal control.

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