Taking a look at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Inside look at the new US Olympic and Paralympic Museum

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Everything about the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum that's currently being built in Colorado Springs captures the essence of sports.

Even the design of the building is meant to look like an athlete in motion. 

"In the aerial view, you really get that sense of an athlete in motion and that perpetual energy," says Peter Maiurro, chief communications & business affairs officer. 

During a tour of the inside, it's evident that spaces are starting to take shape. Maiurro says two goals of this project were to be accessible and inclusive.

"Every visitor will have a credential with an RFI chip embedded in it," says Maiurro. "Once you have purchased your ticket, you will go to the RFI registration and tables and you'll be able to answer questions about your preferences for the Olympic museum as well as your level of ability."

That cutting edge technology is something Maiurro says will set this museum apart. 

"When you come down this ramp, the first thing that you'll see in front of you is will be 30 meters of Olympic track directly in front of you and kind of behind me here," says Maiurro. "This purple wall to your right as you look at it will be a large digital media wall and to a touch screen ... Choose from which Olympic or Paralympic athlete you want to race against, and then they will appear on this media wall, life-size and real-time and then you'll have a chance to race against."

Exhibits will be featured throughout, the most impressive will showcase Olympic torches and medals. And the iconic miracle on ice scoreboard will also be front and center.

"This big black frame to my right in several months will house the scoreboard that hung above the ice in Lake Placid when the miracle on ice was played," says Maiurro. 

There is also a section that will resemble walking into the opening ceremonies. It's a digital experience the museum is really proud of. 

"We believe there are many goosebump moments throughout the museum, but this will be one of the most significant," says Maiurro. 

The parade of nations might not be the only part of the tour that gets you choked up, and that's the intention.

(PHOTOS: Inside look at Colorado Springs' Olympic Museum)

Maiurro hopes everyone who walks through this museum feels that Olympic magic, as well as a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice and determination that goes into being a world-class athlete. 

"To give visitors from around the state and around the country and around the world the opportunity to learn about the significant accomplishments of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes and the inspiring stories they all have," says Mairurro.

Also unique to the museum, it will be home to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame.

The project is budgeted for almost $90 million. Crews hope to have construction done by the end of 2019.

In early 2020, exhibits will start to be installed. A collection of all the Olympic torches is already housed in Colorado Springs. A collector has agreed to give it to the museum to be put on display once the building is ready.

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