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More details unveiled on Nations' criminal past

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Right now, Daniel Nations is in jail on weapons and menacing charges, but investigators are exploring whether he could be connected to other, more serious crimes.

It was at Woodland Park Pawn and Loan on September 25 that Nations had his last interaction with someone before being caught.  The pawn shop owner told KRDO NewsChannel 13 how Nations first came in trying to pawn something but wouldn't provide his ID, which is required.  So he left, and that’s when his wife Katelyn went into the store to continue the transaction. It was halted while she went outside to see if the price offered was okay.  Nations acted somewhat agitated that all he would get for his item was enough to pay for basically a tank of gas.   

Shortly after, Nations was arrested. It was his latest arrest but far from his first.

KRDO spoke to an investigator who arrested Nations back in 2007 in the city of Port Royal, South Carolina near where he was stationed as a marine at Parris Island.  

He had prior convictions for public indecency; one in Spartanburg and four in Camp Lejeune. Those led to probation. The Port Royal case started when he was spotted masturbating in a parking lot by one victim, and then another saw him.

The very next day, Nations went back.

"Based on that, we started watching the areas where we thought he'd frequent. Within one day, we located him within one of our beach areas. Nothing had happened, but we located him, ID'd him, took some photographs," said Dep. Chief Ron Wekenmann with the Port Royal Police Department. 

He was sentenced to three years in prison and had to register as a sex offender. He had been registering semi-regularly and living rough under bridges and in motels in Indiana up through May of this year.

This is during the time frame when two Delphi girls disappeared while walking on an old trestle bridge. They were later found murdered.

He had failed to check in with local police per his sex offender status upon leaving Indiana for Colorado sometime this summer.

There still is no word on whether Colorado or Indiana investigators have moved any closer to ruling out or identifying Nations as a suspect in the murders of the two teens as well as the bicyclist Tim Watkins here in Colorado. 


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