The American Dream: 49 people become U.S. citizens during AFA ceremony

The American dream 49 people become...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - To most of us it's just Friday, but to a group of people at the Air Force Academy, it's a new beginning and a chance to live the American Dream.

Forty-nine people can now say, "I'm a U.S. citizen and call the United States of America home."

"I tried to not cry, I'm so proud," said Kat Barnes from Thailand.

But not everyone was able to hold back their tears.

"Very emotional," said Prabath Egodapitiya from Sri Lanka.

Before taking the oath, each was asked to stand as their home country was called. The last moments before becoming U.S. citizens.

Even though everyone here has a different background, they share the same goal.

"To have all the privileges and freedoms that Americans have," said Vincent Rahaman from Canada.

Rahaman told KRDO he's been waiting for this moment since he was 21 years old.

"I want to participate in the most basic freedom that we have and that's the right to vote," said Rahaman. 

On this first day as citizens, many have their families as support.

"The whole fan club is here," said Egodapitiya.

"I'm so happy because of my family," said Barnes.

Others may be here alone, but they were not waving their American flags with any less enthusiasm, knowing their one step closer to the American Dream.

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