The Old Mutt Hut: 'A retirement home for abandoned senior dogs'

Old Mutt Hut is giving dogs the best last days of their lives

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As shelter dogs get older, they are less likely to get adopted by families looking for pets to bring home. That's where The Old Mutt Hut comes in. 

They make the last few years of a dog's life comfortable and happy. 

"We don't regard this as a place where the dogs are coming to die, we regard it as a place where the dogs are coming to live," said co-founder Sharon Peters. 

She works with several other volunteers to ensure these dogs are living their best lives. 

"They get up at about 5:30, have breakfast, take their meds and then take naps and play in the yard," Peters said. 

The Old Mutt Hut is always looking for volunteers to help them take care of their wonderful dogs. 

You can contact them at 719-287-0030 or on Facebook at "The Old Mutt Hut". 

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