Thieves steal $33,000 in items from cars in El Paso County neighborhood

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves steal more than 30K worth of items from cars

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Thieves were caught on camera trying to gain access to people's cars in one El Paso County neighborhood, and residents say they got away with more than $33,000 worth of stuff.

This neighborhood is on Passing Sky Dr. in Southern Colorado Springs. Several neighbors captured video of a man roaming the neighborhood in the early hours of the morning.

Fred Copeland was one of the victims, and the thief got inside of his truck.

"They didn't really take anything. There were a couple gift cards in the truck, they just took my garage door opener," Copeland said.

But that door opener gave them access to the inside of Copeland's home.

"As I can tell, nothing was taken, but it was a little unnerving knowing someone has access to your house or was inside," he said.

And he wasn't the only victim.

"I realized that inside my car, everything had been gone through. I was like, 'Aw man, somebody has been in the car,'" said Laramie Martinez, who recognized the thief from a previous encounter.

"As soon as I saw the guy, I knew that was the guy who had been at my house. His face and the way he walks, it's definitely a perfect comparison," Martinez said.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says all of the thefts have one thing in common: everyone affected left their doors unlocked.

Another video even captures the thief tugging at the door handle of a truck, trying to gain access inside -- but it was locked.

The Sheriff's Office says the thieves stole military lens compasses, another garage door opener and $33,000 worth of jewelry.

The situation has left neighbors hoping someone recognizes them from the videos and reports it to law enforcement.

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