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Alien sighting in La Junta? We ask a local UFO Field Investigator for his expertise

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LA JUNTA, Colo. - It's a question men and women have asked for centuries; are we alone in the universe?

A video out of La Junta is getting national attention and received millions of views within a few days. The reason? Many say it shows an alien walking in somebody's driveway.

So we asked Chuck Zukowski, a UFO Field Investigator. He has been investigating UFO's, bigfoot sightings, and cattle mutilations for more than 30 years. 

It's not just a hobby, Zukowski has given hundreds of lectures and also has a show on the Travel Channel that is about him and small group investigating recent sightings of aliens and creatures.

Zukowski says he has seen things that even he can't explain, "I'm watching it over and over again and I'm going this doesn't make sense."

So we wanted to know his thoughts on the possible sighting in La Junta and he says it is possible. 

"I have done enough investigations to know that aliens don't walk like us," Zukowski explains, "Because the gait is off, the way the arms are swinging is off; that tells me okay that's a possibility that this could be good."

He understands the skepticism many have over the video and others like it. Zukowski himself is an engineer and whenever he investigates a sighting he does all he can to figure out what is going on.

"What I try to do is I try to gather evidence and put the evidence out there and it's for the viewers to decide."

Letting the audience choose for themselves if they want to believe.

Zukowski tells us one episode from his upcoming show takes place in Trinidad and the San Luis Valley, an area known as a UFO hot spot for decades.

You can watch his eight-part television series "Alien Highway" Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel.

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