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Attorney discusses defense strategy for Patrick Frazee

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Many thought Patrick Frazee's defense team would submit an alternate suspect defense and name Krystal Kennt as that person.

But with the defense foregoing a chance to name anyone else in the case, have they painted themselves into a corner?     

Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Mika says Frazee's team knows what they are doing, "The lawyers that are representing Mr. Frazee are very qualified and very competent and I'm certain they are going to do a great job."

He says Frazee's team will likely still try to pick apart the testimony of the prosecution's key witness, Krystal Kenny. The woman who says she helped Frazee cover up a murder.

"The discrediting of a particular witness or establishing things that witness says that are completely different than what she has said before," Mika says, "All of those things together could create that single doubt and result in an acquittal."

Mika says the defense is also hoping that witnesses on the stand will give some information not heard before. After all, a witness could still raise the possibility of another murder suspect.

"You really never truly know how the testimony will come out," Mika says, "There may be one or two words that are said that changes the whole context of a person's testimony. It may provide the motive you weren't aware of at the time."

Adding it just needs to be enough to cast doubt in one juror's mind. Mika says, "And if there is any doubt, no matter how small or how slight and that doubt is based on reason, that individual should walk free."

The upcoming challenge for both sides will be seating that jury since this case has been covered extensively even on a national level.

Frazee's trial is set for October, 28th.


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