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Chamber talks about Space Command in Colorado Springs

Chamber talks about Space Command in the Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Over the past few months, there's bee a lot of talk about where the U.S. Space Command would be located. 

The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce spoke to KRDO about the command center coming here to the Springs. 

According to Chief Defense Development Officer Reggie Ash, bringing the command center here would most likely be a good thing. 

"Immediately there's an economic impact of about 700 jobs," Ash told KRDO's Scott Harrison. "The military's planning on building a new headquarters facility that would cost between 500 million and a billion dollars. Long term what that means is an elevation of Colorado Springs' reputation as the center of space activities for national security issues. 

This is a benefit that Ash described as the gift that keeps on giving. 

"For decades to come, companies are going to want to come to Colorado Springs," Ash added. 

Ash is confident that Colorado Springs great reputation will be the key factor in bringing Space Command here. 

The Air Force is expected to make an announcement in August or September on where Space Command will be built. 



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