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Dangerous intersection at Cimmaron and 8th Street bypass might see changes

Increased crashes has city engineers looking at dangerous intersection

A busy and dangerous intersection in Colorado Springs might see new changes that affect drivers.

The fairly new bypass on Cimmaron that connects drivers to Highway 24 and 8th Street has seen an increased number of crashes this year, specifically when drivers are trying to turn left onto 8th Street during a flashing yellow light.

Kathleen Krager, Division Manager of the Colorado Springs Traffic Engineer Department says, "we're probably averaging one or two [accidents] a week."

Krager and CDOT have been trying to figure out what they can do lessen the danger for drivers, but it won't come easy.

Previously, the city tried increasing the length of protected turns during peak times, but now most accidents are happening at all times of the day.

Over the next few months, small changes drivers might notice are, "more time in the green arrow time so there are fewer people trying to get through on the yellow flashing light and more on the green arrow," Krager says.

Ultimately, if the number of crashes doesn't decrease, the last resort might be implementing a permanent protected left turn, a move that Krager says will ultimately increase traffic density.

Now, it's left up to drivers to slow down and think twice about turning left on the flashing light, otherwise, that option might be taken away.


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