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District 60 officially puts teacher pay raise plan into place

D60 ratification

PUEBLO, Colo. - The District 60 teacher's union met with the district Wednesday morning and officially signed the teacher strike deal agreements into order.

The Pueblo Education Association agreed upon a 2% cost of living increase retroactive to this past January, three days of their strike paid for with two days taken as personal time. The association also agreed to a 2.5 percent cost of living increase for this upcoming school year and $50 towards health insurance for a total of $520. The paraprofessionals will mainly receive a $500 one time stipend and a 3.25% cost of living increase. 

The Director for Communications for Pueblo City Schools, Dalton Sprouse, and the President of the Pueblo Education Association, Suzanne Ethredge, said they were happy with the final terms agreed upon. 

The meeting lasted for several minutes and ended with members of both parties coming together. 

"We can really come together collectively and focus on what's most important and that's what is going to benefit our students in the long run," Sprouse said. 

"I think we still have a little work to do in totally repairing that bond with the district so we can all move forward, but we are glad that we are to this point and we can start that work," Ethredge said. 

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