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Fairview Cemetery holds stories of Old Colorado City's past

WATCH Fairview Cemetery holds stories...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Fairview Cemetery located on the west side of Colorado Springs holds stories that helped shape Old Colorado City.

Suzanne Schorsch explains it used to sit outside of city limits and stand as its own community.

"When [General William] Palmer came out and discovered Old Colorado City, he didn't allow alcohol so Colorado City got a new personality," Schorsch said.

Schorsch leads cemetery tours and knows the city's history well.

She explained that what residents now know as the main street through town isn't an accurate portrayal of what where the central part of the city was.

She says, "It was closer to 31st street because the old Denver highway went along the mesa and came down following Camp Creek."

Many of the people who helped shape the history lie in Fairview Cemetery, including Anthony Bott, who Schorsch said was a realtor who invested in Colorado City.

His gravestone is one of the largest. It sits on the Northeast corner.

Schorsch says his brother-in-law is buried there too.

"He had a brother-in-law named John Langmire. He was buried out here before it was a cemetery."

Other widely known characters include, "Laura Bell McDaniel. She was a businesswoman. She ran a brothel."

Some untold stories lie beneath the ground, with no marker of where their remains are.

Schorsch says, "those people who didn't have money for their graves. Those people who had diseases and couldn't be buried with other people are in an unmarked part of the cemetery."

This weekend is the beginning of the Old Colorado City Historic Society's cemetery tours. The first one kicks off at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. More information can be found

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