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Fallen Fort Carson soldier's family is welcomed home by Falcon community

WATCH Falcon community welcomes home...

FALCON, Colo. - The final touches along Woodmen Road were added to the tribute for fallen Fort Carson Soldier, Sergeant Major James Sartor. 

On Tuesday night, his family came back to their home with a police escort in Falcon after receiving his remains earlier this week.

Their community had placed hundreds of flags to honor the soldier who died in combat on Saturday.

Melissa Walters, a neighbor who helped organize the effort says, "I just hope the family feels proud of their community and to know their dad, husband, brother, son is not forgotten."

The Goeller's, a military family in Falcon, helped add more flags as well.

Maria Goeller said they hope the flags send a message to the family

"We just want them to know they're deeply loved. We've got their six. We're going to support them," she explained.

The final step before welcoming the family home was filling the sidewalks and patiently waiting.

Jean Little, a longtime Falcon resident, was among the hundreds waiting.

She said, "I hope they see their loss wasn't in vein, that the community here and I'm sure across the nation appreciates what they do."

Everyone waiting in line fell silent as two cargo vans, flashing their headlights, moved through the closed road.

Walters said, "he's the hero of Falcon right now."

A candlelight vigil for SGM Sartor has been scheduled for Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Meridian Shops.


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