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Former Pueblo County Sheriff gives insight to Bailey shooting investigation

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - De'Von Bailey's family made it clear at a rally held Tuesday morning: They want to know how he died.

They're requesting an independent investigation, outside of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, and want the police body camera footage released immediately.

"We cannot afford to let friends investigate friends," said a Bailey supporter at the rally.

Bailey was shot and killed earlier this month by two Colorado Springs Police officers. Video captured by a neighbor's security camera shows Bailey falling to the ground, followed by two officers approaching and then arresting him.

Former Pueblo County Sheriff Dan Corsentino sat down with KRDO to explain what goes into an investigation like this.

Speaking about releasing the body camera footage, Corsentino said, "It's difficult to make a judgment on that without the entire picture."

Right now, the bulk of that picture lies in the hands of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, which has taken over the investigation.

Corsentino says finding the truth matters to law enforcement too. 

He explains, "they want to get to the bottom of this situation, and they will bring the highest regard of core-values that they personally have to the investigation."

Despite the obvious tension between Bailey supporters and police, the former sheriff says they all want the same thing.

"They want justice for the family just as bad. They want justice for the community just as bad," Corsentino says.

The Sheriff's Office's latest update says they are almost done with their investigation and will pass it on to the district attorney's office. There is no word yet on when the body camera footage will be released.

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