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Former state representative looking to run for Colorado Springs City Council seat

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In April, three Colorado Springs City Council seats will be up for grabs and a former controversial state representative is hoping to take one of them.

Gordon Klingenshmitt said he is gathering signatures to be on the ballot. He served as a state representative for two years and now is focusing on the city council.

"I've felt this calling for many years and I did it for 20 years in the military, I did it when I was a state representative and now I want to do it as a city councilor," says Klingenshmitt.

The former lawmaker hasn't held public office for two years, instead, he has been hosting a Christian ministry newscast. He is an outspoken conservative. One of the reasons why he wants to run is because of the left-leaning direction Colorado politics has taken. 

"If Nancy Pelosi is going to be the speaker of the house, if Jared Polis is going to be the governor, I think we at least need a conservative city council in Colorado Springs," says Klingenshmitt, "I am running as a conservative candidate."

Klingenshmitt does have a controversial past.  Being so outspoken, he has received a lot of criticism for his public comments especially one back in 2015 regarding a pregnant Longmont woman who had her baby cut and ripped from her womb.

He said, "This is the curse of God, upon American for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb. And part of that curse, for our rebellion against God as a nation, is that our pregnant women are ripped open."

Republicans and other constituents asked that he resign because of his comments which he later apologized for.

He told KRDO Wednesday, "I'm not really focused on the past and I even am humble enough to realize I don't always say the right words, but I always stand for the right principles."

But he says voters want someone with strong convictions, pointing to President Donald Trump as an example. In order to get on the April ballot, Kligenshmitt has to get 100 signatures by January 20th.


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