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Gov. Polis visits Pueblo to discuss solutions to healthcare costs

WATCH Polis visits Pueblo to talk...

PUEBLO, Colo. - It was standing room only at Pueblo Community College. many wanting to hear what solutions Governor Jared Polis has in bringing down healthcare costs.

"We really talked about how we can save people money on prescription drugs on insurance through reinsurance through a reinsurance piece that reduces rates by 15 or 20 percent and a public option," says Polis.

The governor was accompanied by Senate president Leroy Garcia and representative Daneya Esgar, both represent the steel city. Polis says if Colorado wants current healthcare bills being discussed passed in the state, they have to show unity in the legislature.

"For instance allowing importation of prescription drugs and saving people money by having lower cost on prescription drugs," Polis says, "It goes into the House, then the Senate, governor signs it so it takes all three of us to come into law."

The audience was also allowed to ask the three lawmakers questions. One was about Pueblo's opioid epidemic. Polis says alternative medicine could help solve the issue, "Including things like medical marijuana, acupuncture, acupressure." 

The governor says it could take a year before some of these ideas come to fruition.

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