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KRDO confrontation with interview subject

KRDO confrontation with interview subject

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - UPDATE: Michael Reeg was cited by Colorado Springs Police for harassment on 
July 26. Reeg received a court summons and is expected to appear before a judge 
to enter his plea.


An unexpected development in KRDO News Channel 13's ongoing investigation into Southern Colorado Asian Spas. KRDO reporter Stephanie Sierra and Chief Photojournalist Chappin Everett have contacted Colorado Springs police about filing a report against the owner of one of the buildings that has been featured in our reports.


It is never our intention to become a part of the stories we cover, but we do feel it's important to report this new development. At approximately, 12:30 p.m. Friday afternoon Sierra and Everett walked into Tri-Star Masonry looking for the owner Michael Reeg. Reeg owns a strip mall next door that is leasing to an illicit spa, Lotus Chinese Massage. 


So we showed up to ask him a few questions.

Our team decided to file a police report today because of Mr. Reeg's reaction to our questions after he agreed to answer them and because his actions occurred while we were in the process of leaving his business – as requested.


To be clear, our team was attempting to interview Michael Reeg about his tenant, Lotus Chinese Massage. 



Our Asian Spa series "Hiding in Plain Sight" began airing in May, and we will continue our reporting. 

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