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Murder suspect Patrick Frazee to get new attorney

Jeremy Loew no longer representing Frazee

Defense attorney Jeremy Loew drops out of Teller County case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Defense attorney Jeremy Loew is no longer representing Patrick Frazee, the Teller County man arrested Friday on suspicion of murdering his fiance', Kelsey Berreth.

Adam Steigerwald, an attorney with the public defender's office, will now represent Frazee.

Loew was expected to release a statement Friday but did not do so, and has been unavailable for comment since releasing a statement last Dec. 14, the day authorities searched Frazee's property in Florissant.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 learned of the change in Frazee's defense by checking online court records.

During an interview on Dec. 13, Loew, who is often interviewed on legal matters, seemed unusually nervous and uncomfortable.  He answered most questions by saying he didn't know, couldn't answer or couldn't talk about the case.


Loew said he and Frazee never talked about the suspect's relationship with Berreth, the mother of his 1-year-old girl.

"No, we only talked about how he wants (Kelsey) to be returned and he's focusing on parenting their child," Loew said.

Loew also differed from a statement by authorities' statement last week, in which they said that they had yet to sit down and talk with Frazee.

"We've only been in contact with him through (Loew)," said Woodland Park Police Chief Miles DeYoung.

Loew said investigators did speak with Frazee, and that Loew wasn't present for the interviews.

By bowing out of Frazee's defense, Loew avoids the dilemma of defending a murder suspect in what initially was a missing person's case, without any indication of a murder weapon, the victim's body or a motive.

Lowe reflected on the dilemma during an April 2017 interview about Donthe Lucas, the Pueblo man charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, Kelsie Schelling, in Feb. 2013.  Lucas was arrested last year on a separate robbery and assault case and is scheduled to be tried for Schelling's murder in April.

"Without something damning, it's difficult to establish enough to make an arrest on murder," Loew said.

Authorities presumably have more evidence to work with in Berreth's murder.

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