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What are those big cameras in the back of Walmart parking lots? We have answers!

Walmart Lot Cops watch every corner of parking lot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Have you ever noticed how many surveillance cameras watch customers at Walmart? A fairly new feature sits at the back of the store's parking lots.

The "lot cop" cameras are D3 Edge Security Trailer made LiveView technologies. They sit just over 20 feet high and are secured with several cameras.

At Walmart's 8th street location in Colorado Springs, there are three lot cops. A store manager says they're used to make the public feel safe and deter people from committing crimes on their property.

Reagan Dickens, a Walmart spokesperson said the mobile video platforms as part of their new effort to deter crime, instead of detecting.

These surveillance cameras are different than what you'd find in the store. These are not hidden, instead, they're placed in plain sight. Walmart is hoping it'll tell criminals they're always watching, no matter where you are on the property.

Two consumers in the Walmart parking lot said they liked the extra surveillance while one said three towers might be too many.

You won't find the cameras at every location. They are placed based on a store's district.


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