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Where Guns aren't allowed in an Open Carry State

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The recent evacuation of a local elementary school because of someone bringing a gun near campus is raising the question of where you can bring your weapon in an open carry state.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office said at the scene of the evacuation that a school worker saw a woman with a gun holstered on her hip near the front doors of the school. Deputies say it's possible she owned the gun legally, but did not know or forgot that it is a federal crime to have a weapon within a 1,000 feet of a school.

Criminal defense attorney Jeremy Loew says if you are caught with a gun near a school, it could land you behind bars. "It's a felony level six, which means you can receive up to 18 months in prison with a minimum sentence of one year in prison."

Other places that are gun free zones are, federal buildings like the post office, airports, public colleges, businesses that have signs saying no weapons are allowed and more.

The topic of open carry in Colorado was brought up in 2015 when a man carrying a rifle on the streets of Colorado Springs shot and killed three people on Halloween. "The police have received calls regarding this individual open carrying but they didn't respond because they felt like he hadn't been committing any crime," says Loew. "Then once he was shooting it was too late."

Two years before that, the Colorado Springs Police Department was sued by a man who was arrested for openly carrying a gun. He was arrested the day after the Aurora Theater shooting.


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