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Why the secrecy over Amazon in Colorado Springs?

Amazon opened distribution center last fall

Why the secrecy surrounding Amazon facility in Colorado Springs?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Amazon, the online retail giant, has been in Colorado Springs since last fall, but its operations continued to be kept a secret until this week.

The company currently operates a temporary distribution facility at the Colorado Springs Airport, but city and Amazon officials hadn't commented before on the company's current and future plans.

Previously, when asked for details, the city referred questions to Amazon; Amazon replied by saying it had no information to share.

Earlier this week, Amazon announced it purchased 19 acres in a business park just south of the airport, near the intersection of Powers and Grinnell boulevards.

Workers have already started construction of a larger, permanent facility scheduled to open this fall.

On Friday, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers shed some light on the reasons for the secrecy.

"There's two things," he said.  "One, the way Amazon operates.  We had to enter into a nondisclosure agreement while we're in negotiations.  The other thing, the Open Records Act allows for exemptions for land sales because it can cause land speculation."

Suthers said he hopes Amazon will expand further in Colorado Springs but that he wasn't at liberty to provide details.

Tabatha Torres, who works near the Amazon facility, said she noticed the secrecy every time she drove past.

"(Employees) had to use code names, and we didn't know until the very last minute, when we saw Amazon trucks, that it was actually Amazon," she said.

Matthew Conlon, an Amazon driver, said he understands the secrecy.

"You've got a company as big as Amazon, and from where they started to where they're at now, I could see how they'd want to keep something like that under wraps until maybe they know what it is that they're doing," he said.

Suthers said he expects further announcements from Amazon within the next year about its future plans in the city.

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